Shrimp & Asparagus with Quinoa

View my step-by-step video         The combination of Shrimp & Asparagus together is one of my favorite things. When I found some really delicate Asparagus, I decided to make this into a delicious Easy Weeknight Meal! This is going to be paired with quinoa, onion, minced garlic, parsley, red chili & paprika … Continue reading Shrimp & Asparagus with Quinoa


View my step-by-step video The trend for everything Cauliflower has been around for a while and you know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. And why not, it’s not just so versatile, it’s also low in calories and really good for you. Cauliflower rice resembles rice because of it’s color but … Continue reading CAULIFLOWER Chicken FRIED RICE

SHRIMP & GREEK SALAD Cucumber Cups – HEALTHY appetizer

View my step-by-step video I love stuffing or topping Cucumbers with goodies to serve as an appetizer. My Shrimp with Crab is a huge hit at parties and recently for Christmas, I made Cucumber cups and stuffed them with Chicken 65. I have to credit this idea to my coworker Andrea – she watched my … Continue reading SHRIMP & GREEK SALAD Cucumber Cups – HEALTHY appetizer