Sriracha Cauliflower

View my step-by-step video Cauliflower in all it’s incarnations are all the rage now and I’m excited to share this recipe with you for Sriracha Cauliflower fritters. It all started with a lunch date with my BFF Mona, when she insisted on having Fried Korean Cauliflower. Not being a huge veggie fan myself(I would have … Continue reading Sriracha Cauliflower

Salmon Fishcakes – A Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Special

View my step-by-step video I’ve been following Jamie Oliver for years and I think that he’s really a ‘pukka’ chef so I’m very excited to participate in his ‘Food Revolution’. On Friday May 16, people from all over the world have signed up and committed to teaching kids how to cook something from scratch. This … Continue reading Salmon Fishcakes – A Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Special

Bhindi Kurkure – Crispy Spiced Okra

View my step-by-step video I hope you’re excited, because today I’m going to share a recipe for Bhindi Kurkure. Bhindi is Okra in Hindi and Kurkure translates to crunchy and is also the name of a popular commercial snack in India so the name is synonymous with something you know and expect to pack a … Continue reading Bhindi Kurkure – Crispy Spiced Okra

Bloody Mary Linguine

View my step by step video Inspired by a Gordon Ramsay recipe, I’m going to prepare a delicious Bloody Mary Linguine. Linguine is tossed with a delicious tomato based sauce flavoured with Celery salt, Worstersire woosterchire sauce and Tabasco. It’s finished off with tomatoes and Olives and garnished with fresh Parsley. Print Yum Bloody Mary … Continue reading Bloody Mary Linguine

Trifle – Cake, Custard, Jelly cubes and fruit

Watch my step by step video   Trifle is an old favourite and super easy to make, Your guests will love the Cake, Custard, Jelly cubes and fruit delicious combination. This can be prepared a few days in advance and serve a large crowd. I like to layer my trifle with sliced jelly rolls and … Continue reading Trifle – Cake, Custard, Jelly cubes and fruit

Mushroom 65

Step by step video instructions Mushrooms are battered with beaten egg and cornstarch, sautéed and cooked in a delicious 65 masala that is typically made with the popular Chicken 65. Suggestions to make a vegetarian/vegan version is included. Chicken 65 is a very popular dish in India. With it’s strange name, it’s origins are debatable. … Continue reading Mushroom 65

Chicken Shawarma Hummus

Click here to watch my step by step video! I grew up in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi where Shawarma stalls graced every nook and cranny. When I think about a Shawarma, I think about the fresh pita, covered with creamy hummus, spiced chicken, pickled turnips and fresh herbs. This appetizer can be prepped … Continue reading Chicken Shawarma Hummus