Bangalore Biriyani

View my step by step video Throughout my 18 years of married life, I’ve heard people rave about Bangalore Biriyani. During this period, I’ve learned how to cook, mastered the art and even competed in culinary competitions. I can make a pretty mean Biriyani myself, it took years of perfecting and tastes pretty good but … Continue reading Bangalore Biriyani

Jerk Chicken Burgers

View my Step by Step video As part of a very special Burger collaboration, with my YouTube friends, I bring you a smoky Jerk Burger. This is the perfect crowd pleaser – ground Chicken is mixed with a smoky homemade Jerk marinade and studded with red pepper and thyme before grilling to perfection. I always … Continue reading Jerk Chicken Burgers

Jerk paste – The perfect smoky marinade

Click here to watch my step by step video Inspired by my friend Mary Rocto’s Jerk sauce recipe, I created a new thicker Jerk marinade, perfect for burgers and pot roasts. Earlier I created a Jerk sauce recipe, perfect to marinate Chicken, but needed something thicker to flavour burgers without the patty falling apart. I … Continue reading Jerk paste – The perfect smoky marinade

Sheer Kurma or Sevia

View my step by step video  I’m making a sweet and delicious simple dessert called Sevia or Sheer Kurma  This delicious milky dessert is delicately flavoured with saffron and ghee, studded with nuts and dried fruit and vermicelli noodles. It wasn’t till I got married that I started making this dessert, it’s typically served at … Continue reading Sheer Kurma or Sevia