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Tava Chicken

View my step-by-step video Popular in India, this recipe is made using marinated chicken cooked with onions and spices.  My friend Sheela Sonawane shared this recipe with me and I was fascinated to see ingredients like onions and coriander cooked in different ways in the same prep. While this was being prepared, my son who is …

Arabic Dessert


View my step-by-step video Baklava is a famous Greek/Middle Eastern Dessert featuring a sweet ground nut mixture between sheets of phyllo pastry. This is a great and easy make ahead dessert that has everyone else thinking it’s a Herculean task. One of the plus points of a Baklava is that it actually tastes better days …

Appetizers Arabic Kid friendly

Mary-nated Chicken Balls

View my step-by-step video In honor of my mother’s Mary Coutinho’s 70th surprise birthday, I wanted to create an appetizer that would contain all the flavors she loves in one small bite. And hence I created the Mary-nated Chicken Balls. Middle Eastern spices elevate this chicken ball to an exotic status and this is the …

Dessert Italian


View my step-by-step video The Italian that came up with this combination of Marscapone cheese and coffee was a genius. Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts, not just to eat but it’s also perfect to make a family style bowl that’s perfect for a large gathering but is still elegant. This is my version …

Gluten Free Poultry Soups Thai

Thai Chicken Soup

 View my step-by-step video Right by my office at my local Loblaws they make and serve a mean Thai Chicken soup. I love Thai flavors and this soup does not dissapoint. The main ingredient is Thai red curry paste that is mellowed down but not dorwned out by a delicious and creamy coconut milk. After …

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Watch for step-by-step instructions Making an Empanada from scratch is a LOT easier that I would have initially imagined. I prepare my dough in a food processor to save time and together with resting time, you can have a batch of fresh dough in a little over 30 minutes. For the stuffing of the Empanada …