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Appetizers Arabic Gluten Free

Mutabal Kousa

View my step-by-step video (coming Saturday) Mutabal Kousa is similar to Baba Ghanouj but is made using Courgette, Zucchini or Squash. Move over Hummus, it’s time for something different. Earlier this month I took an all day workshop at the the Deppanuer’s project Newcomer Kitchen. Here Syrian women use the kitchen space each week to …

Arabic Salad Sides Vegetarian

Arabic Party Salad

View my step-by-step video Since I was born in the Middle East, these flavours touch my soul from the flavours and ingredients like Sumac, Pomegranate Molasses, Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Paprika, Garlic, Lemon, Pickled Turnips and Halloumi of the Middle East are captured in one delicious and colourful salad. I love to make this in the summer time …

Arabic Dessert


View my step-by-step video Baklava is a famous Greek/Middle Eastern Dessert featuring a sweet ground nut mixture between sheets of phyllo pastry. This is a great and easy make ahead dessert that has everyone else thinking it’s a Herculean task. One of the plus points of a Baklava is that it actually tastes better days …

Appetizers Arabic Kid friendly

Mary-nated Chicken Balls

View my step-by-step video In honor of my mother’s Mary Coutinho’s 70th surprise birthday, I wanted to create an appetizer that would contain all the flavors she loves in one small bite. And hence I created the Mary-nated Chicken Balls. Middle Eastern spices elevate this chicken ball to an exotic status and this is the …

Arabic Salad

Mediterrenean Pasta Salad

View step by step video This salad is happiness in a bowl. Every ingredient makes this salad sing and the best part is that you can serve this cold. It’s a perfect side salad for the summer but also a great lunch option after the holidays when you’re sick of feasting! Print Yum Mediterrenean Pasta …