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Mutton Chops

View my step-by-step video These are such a delicious option to eat especially if you don’t eat lamb for ethical reasons. Mutton has a richer flavor and since it is older sheep or goat, takes a little extra time to cook.  Some people cook it by sautéing it in a frying pan, I prefer to …

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Seekh Kebab

View my step-by-step video Looking for the perfect ground meat recipe? Seekh and you shall find! Until my friend Ravish Kohly showed me his tips and tricks, I was doing this all wrong! This kebab is made typically from Beef although Lamb and Mutton are widely available since Beef has been recently banned in India. …

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Hara Kebabs

View my step-by-step video This is one of the most popular kebabs in India. Nuggets of chicken are spiced with a delicate blend of herbs and spices and grilled over charcoal. Hara means green and green herbs are ground together to make the marinade for these delicious morsels. My old childhood friend Ravish Kohly came …

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Tava Chicken

View my step-by-step video Popular in India, this recipe is made using marinated chicken cooked with onions and spices.  My friend Sheela Sonawane shared this recipe with me and I was fascinated to see ingredients like onions and coriander cooked in different ways in the same prep. While this was being prepared, my son who is …