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Appetizers Gluten Free Indian Street food

Bollypop – A delicious gluten free potato and chicken ball in a crispy chickpea batter with a chutney pop

View my step-by-step video This is one of my recipes that I’m most proud of. Although it’s inspired from a very popular Indian street food the batata wada, I’ve rocked, rolled and twisted it into something with way more appeal and star power. Introducing the Bollypop. This gluten free crispy potato and chicken ball took …

Dessert Gluten Free Indian

Rice Pudding

View my step-by-step video This is truly a global recipe! Every country has it’s own version and here is mine!¬† You can use any kind of rice you like and customize it t your taste. I like my pudding think and custardy, but it you like it runny, add more milk! Print Yum Rice Pudding …

Appetizers BBQ Family Meals Gluten Free Indian

Seekh Kebab

View my step-by-step video Looking for the perfect ground meat recipe? Seekh and you shall find! Until my friend Ravish Kohly showed me his tips and tricks, I was doing this all wrong! This kebab is made typically from Beef although Lamb and Mutton are widely available since Beef has been recently banned in India. …

Gluten Free Poultry Soups Thai

Thai Chicken Soup

¬†View my step-by-step video Right by my office at my local Loblaws they make and serve a mean Thai Chicken soup. I love Thai flavors and this soup does not dissapoint. The main ingredient is Thai red curry paste that is mellowed down but not dorwned out by a delicious and creamy coconut milk. After …

Christmas Dessert Gluten Free

Classic Creme Brulee

Watch step-by-step video The very first time I tried Creme Brulee at a friends engagement, I was blown away. The cracked sugar and creamy cold custard left a lasting impression on my mind. Over the years, when given a chance, I would always order this heavenly dessert. I finally got around to trying and perfecting …