Easy recipes from around the world

Dessert Jams

Sweet & Spicy Strawberry Chutney

Watch my step-by-step video Strawberries are in abundance in June and we must take advantage of it’s delicious juiciness. Of course we’re going to turn to our desserts and ice creams but there’s plenty left over for a batch of easy to make Strawberry chutney. Spread a little bit on a cracker with some cheese …

Italian Mains

Mushroom Risotto

This is my virginal journey into making a mushroom risotto, but the results were good, so I’m happy to share. I’m used to making basmati rice, where you don’t have to watch the pot too much and found the process very laborious, however when you take your first bite, you can taste the love and …

Dessert Gluten Free Indian

Rice Pudding

View my step-by-step video This is truly a global recipe! Every country has it’s own version and here is mine!  You can use any kind of rice you like and customize it t your taste. I like my pudding think and custardy, but it you like it runny, add more milk! Print Yum Rice Pudding …