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Goan Beef Cutlet Pao

Cutlet Pao is famous in Goa where you can find this on street stalls and beach shacks. The concept is simple – thinly sliced Beef is marinated in a green chutney, then dredged in egg and breadcrumbs and shallow fried. It’s served on crispy bread with butter or Mayonnaise, some green Chutney, Tomato, a special …

BBQ Poultry

Smoked Jerk Chicken Sausages

I’ve been obsessed with Sausages this summer. I started with the more complicated Goan Sausages and moved on to creating fun combinations for the family. Since Jerk is a huge fave in this household – I decided to go with this incredible flavour combo for these sausages! Jerk sauce is a combination of ingredients – …


Sago China Grass – Agar Agar Dessert

China grass or Agar Agar & Sago pearls come together to make this cool and stunning dessert. China grass or Agar Agar as it’s known is a vegan and vegetarian since it’s made from seaweed and it used as a gelatin to set liquids. Also try my recipe for Bombay Falooda China Grass!

Asian Family Meals Mains Thai

Chicken Pad Thai

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Pad Thai. It’s my favorite to order at my favorite restaurant Suko Thai and they never disappoint. Replicating Thai food has never been an issue for me, but somehow I just wasn’t truly happy with my Pad Thai results. I tried this at least 50 …

BBQ Gluten Free Goan

Goa Sausage – Choriz

This is finally checked off my bucket list! I’ve been wanting to make my own beloved Goa sausages for a while, but the whole process felt intimidating. We also don’t eat Pork which is the traditional protein, but I was determined to try it with Beef. When I made the Sorpotel, I substituted Pork for …


Korean Seafood Pancakes – Haemuljeon or Pajeon

Seafood & Spring Onions are added to a batter and then cooked to make these delicious Seafood pancakes served with a stunning dipping sauce. A popular recipe in Korea, the Pajeon or pancake can also be made vegetarian with spring onions, or packed with seafood. My kids absolutely adore Korean food, so when I saw …