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Cauliflower or Gobi 65

Move over Chicken, Shrimp & Paneer, there’s a new 65 in town. Using the infamous 65 spice blend, I’m converting Cauliflower florets into little crispy nuggets perfect as an appetizer or a snack. And best of all this recipe is both vegan & vegetarian! You can also check out Chicken 65, Shrimp 65 & my …

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Khaman Dhokla – Steamed savoury Lentil Cake

Khaman Dhokla is made with a batter of Lentils and spices, steamed to cook till fluffy and then enhanced with a tempering of Mustard & Sesame seeds, Chillies, Curry leaves and Coconut. To make this Gluten free omit the SemolinaTo make this Vegan, omit the Yogurt The origins of the Dhokla come from Gujarat in …