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Dessert Indian

Jalebi – Crispy syrup filled dessert

Jalebis start with simple batter that is fried in a circular funnel like shape, till crispy and then dunked in a simple super syrup to soak in all the sweet goodness. The result is a crispy treat with a juicy centre. Honestly I never thought in a million years that I would actually be making …

Gluten Free Indian Mains Meat

Kheema with Dill

Did you know that Dill or Dill weed is from the Celery family? It’s used in a lot of Western dishes but not terribly popular in Indian cuisine. The word Dill in Hindi is called Sui ki bhaji and a simple translation is needle vegetable since the leaves look like needles. In the West, Dill …

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Railway Mutton Curry

During the British Raj, this Mutton Curry originally a Bengali curry was served on the trains from Victoria Terminus (lovingly called VT by the Bombayites aka Mumbaikars) to Calcutta. Rumor has it that a British General found the curry too spicy. He asked the Chef to modify it for him. The Chef added Coconut and …