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Beef & Barley Stew

View my step-by-step video The holidays are now behind us – we’re exhausted, depressed and have all those bills to look forward to. Most people are now starting to eat healthy again, since most of your clothes are probably a bit snug! I just returned from a fabulous vacation from San Fran and LA and …


Chicken Patties

View my step-by-step video                   These Chicken Patties are reminiscent of the the patties sold in bakeries in Mumbai (Bombay) & Goa. Layers or buttery puff pastry encases a creamy Chicken filling. The filling is super easy to make using Bechamel and cooked Chicken to make a …


Pad Thai

View my step-by-step video             I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Pad Thai. It’s my favorite to order at my favorite restaurant Suko Thai and they never disappoint. Replicating Thai food has never been an issue for me, but somehow I just wasn’t truly happy with …


Steak & Salad Roll

View my step-by-step video               I love Middle Eastern food! This simple Steak Salad Roll is loaded with flavor from the Tahini sauce, pickled Turnips, fresh veg and grilled Steak. Print Yum Steak & Salad Roll IngredientsTahini Sauce 1 cup Yogurt 1/2 cup Tahini Pinch Salt, Aleppo Pepper, Sumac …


Meal Prep – 3 Make Ahead Breakfasts

View my step-by-step video   Print Yum Meal Prep – 3 Make Ahead Breakfasts IngredientsMason Jar Omelettes (makes 2 jars) 4 eggs Salt Pepper 1 tbsp sliced red Chilli and chopped Coriander 2 tbps diced chicken wieners 1 tbsp of Spring onion Egg & Salmon Salad stuffed croissants (makes filling for 8 Croissants) 4 hard …