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Canadian Drinks

Cranberry Clementine Moscow Mule

Cheersto the season! This year I decided to make a delicious festive cocktail toserve at my holiday open house. Moscow Mules are all the rage, but these festive ones are a super hit! Recipe: Per serving Ice 2oz, 60ml shot of vodka200 ml of Cranberry juice200 ml Ginger BeerFrozen Cranberries Sprig of Rosemary Squeeze of …

Canadian Christmas

Black Forest Trifle

View my step-by-step video           This trifle is inspired by the ever popular Black Forest Cake. Layers of dark chocolate cake are studded with cherries & soaked in cherry syrup, layered with cherry jello and smothered in a rich cream and marscapone mixture. These layers are repeated twice are finished with …