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Chinese Family Meals Soups

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

This soup is one of the simplest to prepare. Creamed corn is added to hot stock, enhanced with soya and vinegar, studded with chicken and thickened with egg ribbons. Whenever I’m at a Chinese restaurant, it’s always a toss up between ordering a Hot & Sour or a Sweet Chicken Crab or Crab soup. If …


Bone Stock Soup

Reduce, reuse, recycle. This exemplifies that! Many don’t know this but you can take bones from poultry, fish, lamb or beef and shells from shrimp and all bits and pieces leftover from veggies and create a wonderful stock. Typically when I cook, I bag the veggies and any of the bones or shells separately and …

Gluten Free Poultry Soups Thai

Thai Chicken Soup

 View my step-by-step video Right by my office at my local Loblaws they make and serve a mean Thai Chicken soup. I love Thai flavors and this soup does not dissapoint. The main ingredient is Thai red curry paste that is mellowed down but not dorwned out by a delicious and creamy coconut milk. After …