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Oscar Worthy Mini Shrimp Ceasars

One Shrimp sits atop a celery salt rimmed glass with Clamato and Olives. Vodka optional. Print Yum Oscar Worthy Mini Shrimp Ceasars IngredientsMakes 12 12 Cooked Tiger Shrimp 24 Olives Celery salt to rim the glass 300 – 500 ml of Clamato (depending on size of glass)0.1https://kravingsfoodadventures.com/oscar-worthy-mini-shrimp-ceasars/


3 Oscar Worthy Appetizers

Not everyone gets a ticket to the Oscars. There’s nothing stopping you from glamming it up however, slip into something fancy, call your friends and gather around sipping some bubbly. The food makes the mood however and here are three Star performances. Pepper Parmesan crisps with Salmon mousse and caviar A sure winner and the …