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Arabic Cakes Dessert

OMG Baklava Cheesecake!!!

Walnuts & Pistachios are crushed and added in between layers of buttered phyllo pastry and baked. An orange blossom cheesecake filling is poured over and baked. A final layer of buttered pastry and nuts are added and this is baked again! Finally nuts and sugar syrup is added and it’s baked for a few more …

Cakes Cookies Dessert

Classic Profiteroles

Profiteroles are a type of French pastry that are made from choux pastry dough, which is piped into small balls and baked until they are crisp and hollow inside. The pastry balls are then filled with whipped cream or pastry cream and typically served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Although these are easy to …


Sri Lankan Love Cake

I tried this cake for the first time at New Year’s Eve and was blown away. The cake is made with 100% semolina, no flour and special ingredients like cashews, pumpkin preserve, rose water, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, lime zest and vanilla. You can tell why this is really special! I learned how to make this …

Cakes Goan Portuguese

Bolo De Laranja

This simple cake is a tribute to the late Wendell Rodricks. Even though this recipe belongs to his aunt Tia Elsa, he made it popular again by publishing it in his book ‘Poskem’ “Aunt Tia Elsa, creamed 200 grams sugar into 200 grams butter. When creamy she added four eggs, one at a time, whisking …