Easy recipes from around the world

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BBQ Mexican and Tex Mex

Smoked Brisket

Brisket is slathered in a mixture of mustard and hot sauce, crusted with my BBQ spice mixture and cooked low and slow on my Kamado grill. This cut of meat comes from the underside of the cow, it helps to support the cow and has a lot of muscle and tissue, hence it really benefits …

Drinks Mexican and Tex Mex

Ginger Margarita

A simple syrup is enhanced with Ginger and together with pure ginger juice is added to Lime juice, tequila and triple sec to make this delicious and refreshing Margarita. Ginger is infused into this classic Margarita to give it a great flavour for the summer! The warm weather is here, but I don’t need an …

Mexican and Tex Mex Seafood

Shrimp Tacos

I love Mexican food, in all shape and forms – tacos of course are my favorite because it always puts a BIG smile on my family’s face. Of course there are probably a gazillion way to make Shrimp Tacos – this is a simple recipe that marinates the Shrimp in a simple Chipotle blend. The …