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Drinks Mexican and Tex Mex

Ginger Margarita

A simple syrup is enhanced with Ginger and together with pure ginger juice is added to Lime juice, tequila and triple sec to make this delicious and refreshing Margarita. Ginger is infused into this classic Margarita to give it a great flavour for the summer! The warm weather is here, but I don’t need an …

Mexican and Tex Mex Seafood

Shrimp Tacos

I love Mexican food, in all shape and forms – tacos of course are my favorite because it always puts a BIG smile on my family’s face. Of course there are probably a gazillion way to make Shrimp Tacos – this is a simple recipe that marinates the Shrimp in a simple Chipotle blend. The …

Cuban Drinks Mexican and Tex Mex

Blackcurrant Mojito

Inspired by a great blackcurrant syrup I made together with Mint, I’m going to be treating my friends to this great Blackcurrant Mojito! Cheers to a great summer – well a strange summer. With COVID-19 all around, we are gathering in small groups. But life is always a reason to celebrate and I love to …

Mains Meat Mexican and Tex Mex

Fall apart Beef Barbacoa

A special chilli sauce is prepared and beef chunks are marinated and wrapped in banana leaf before cooking it in a dutch oven. Barbacoa is an old traditional Mexican method of cooking either Beef or Lamb. Large pits in the ground layered with hot coal house bundles of this meat wrapped in Avocado leaves and …