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Appetizers BBQ Mexican and Tex Mex

Chipotle Kebabs

View my step-by-step video My friend, Ravish Kohly shows you how to make a mouthwatering marinade with Chipotle and other spices and tips and tricks for the perfect BBQ. These are so succulent, it’s definitely worth a try! In this recipe he makes a Chipotle paste out of the famous Mexican chillies and uses this …

Appetizers Mexican and Tex Mex Poultry


Watch for step-by-step instructions Making an Empanada from scratch is a LOT easier that I would have initially imagined. I prepare my dough in a food processor to save time and together with resting time, you can have a batch of fresh dough in a little over 30 minutes. For the stuffing of the Empanada …

Mexican and Tex Mex Poultry Soups

Fiesta Chicken Soup

Click here for my step by step video Arrrrrriba Arrrriba, I’m in the mood for a little Mexican party and we’re going to prepare a Fiesta Chicken Soup. In this recipe, I’m going to use fresh ingredients combined with the smokiness of Mexican chilli and cumin. I’m using large red mexican chillies, these can be …