Summer is here! I repeat! Summer is here and Mango is in season. Time to sweeten up the old classic Margarita with some golden yellow pulp – but that’s not all, this will be served with a Tajin rim.

If you’re not sure what Tajin is it’s a Mexican spice blend that you can use to spice up anything!

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Mango Margarita with a Tajin Salt rim



  • 300 ml Lime juice
  • 200 ml simple Sugar syrup
  • 300 ml Tequila
  • 300 ml Triple Sec
  • 100 ml Mango pulp
  • Ice
  • Mango pieces


  • Lime wedges
  • Salt
  • Tajin


  • Mix together the lime juice, sugar syrup, tequila, triple sec and mango pulp and chill
  • Moisten the rim of the glass with the lime and dredge in the Tajin Salt mixture
  • Pour the margarita over ice with mango pieces