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Appetizers Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan Mutton Rolls

Mutton, Potato, Spices & Herbs are mixed together and then stuffed into a crepe. The filled crepe is dipped in a batter, then dredged in breadcrumbs. It’s then deep fried. This is the perfect snack! I’ve been a lover of Mutton rolls for a long long time! I usually buy them at Spiceland at Markham …

Seafood Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan Fish Cutlets

I love love love Sri Lankan Fish cutlets. After buying them so many times, I decided to make them myself … they are super easy to make with canned or fresh fish. Sometimes known as Fish balls, these cutlets are made by mixing fish together with potato and spices. It’s formed into balls and then …

Curries Sri Lankan

Spicy Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

This Sri Lankan curry is spicy and intense and is perfect used on it’s own but I also like to use it in a Kothu roti. In this recipe, chicken is sautéed with onions chilies, curry leaves, ginger & garlic and spices and submerged in pureed tomato. I’ve traveled to the tip of India to …