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Indian Seafood

Kerala Prawn Ghee Roast

View my step-by-step video     [youtube-subscriber nickname=kravingsblog] Print Yum Kerala Prawn Ghee Roast Ingredients1 lb Shrimp or Prawns ½ tsp Turmeric 4 tbsps or more Ghee 8 Kashmiri Chillies 1 tsp black Peppercorns 1 tsp Cumin Seeds 1 tsp Coriander seeds 1 tsp Fennel seeds 4 dried red Chillies 4 cloves Garlic 1 inch …

African Appetizers Arabic Seafood

HARISSA Jumbo Shrimp

View my step-by-step video   Harissa is a wonderful condiment made with Chilli, Garlic, Spices, lemon and Olive Oil. This is becoming very popular in restaurants and grocery stores. Jumbo Shrimp is smothered in this delicious sauce and cooked on a grill pan! Try it today! [youtube-subscriber nickname=kravingsblog]  

Curries Family Meals Indian

Prawn Masala

  View my step-by-step video instructions As long as I can remember, Prawn and Shrimp have been the center of our family’s menu. My father’s side of the family comes from Goa surrounded by beaches so seafood is always the protein of choice. My mom’s side are based in Mumbai, also on the coast and …