Earlier this year I started a new job and had to work fully remote due to the pandemic. I made some amazing friends but because of the restrictions, I never got to meet them in person.

Finally the restrictions were lifted and I decided to have some of my peeps over.

I always like to make name tags for the food but when you don’t know people and their likes and dislikes, listing out ingredients is incredibly helpful. I have a few dietary restrictions to take care of so I will be making a few versions of these dishes.

So what’s on the menu? FULL Playlist is below

Mason Jar sushi – https://youtu.be/PhxpvjFYSQs
Cowboy Nachos – https://youtu.be/zdsKrRfK64M
Tandoori Chicken wings – https://youtu.be/ZNsV5fpPMXc
Veg/Chicken shawarma hummus – https://youtu.be/Qwmcfmiqo_M
Veg/Vietnamese spring rolls – https://youtu.be/9j2qftITN-Y
Kebab Sliders – https://youtu.be/1FSJWG8vjHo
Baba Ghanouj – Video not published

Drinks -Blackcurrant Mojito – https://youtu.be/3wFQTRF8Il8

Barley Salad – https://youtu.be/zWNXNmx1XsY
Cold Pasta Salad – https://youtu.be/B3o-T74efKc
Green Chicken Cafreal – https://youtu.be/PFH1aD8qnEo
Reshmi Kebab – https://youtu.be/Or0W8t-fzWQ
Kulfi – https://youtu.be/ZxBR-oemZt0