Smoked Salmon Vietnamese Rolls

View my step-by-step video       I first tried Vietnamese Spring Rolls more than 10 years ago when one of my Asian co-workers brought in a large platter for a potluck. It was a very traditional filling with Shrimp and it was love at first bite. Since that day. I always have rice paper … Continue reading Smoked Salmon Vietnamese Rolls

Phirni or Firni – Broken Rice Pudding Dessert

View my step-by-step recipe         Phirni or Firni is a broken rice pudding served cold. Similar to Kheer that is made with whole rice and is served both hot and cold. It’s scented with Cardamom and Saffron and garnished with Pistachios or other nuts. A couple of years ago I brought back … Continue reading Phirni or Firni – Broken Rice Pudding Dessert

Konigsberger Klopse – German Meatballs

View my step-by-step video                       My recent trip to Germany inspires this meatball recipe. German food is simple, honest and full of flavor. Between drinking kegs of beer, they love their sausages and their meatballs. This recipe is made with poached meatballs tossed is a … Continue reading Konigsberger Klopse – German Meatballs

Kheema Samosas

View my step-by-step video           Do I even need to explain why Samosas are a phenomenon? Crispy flaky pastry encases a delicious filling in a triangle shape. In other cultures it’s also known as a Sambusa or Samboska, different names for a similar concept. The early history of this delight can … Continue reading Kheema Samosas

Dahi Vadas – Dahi Wadas

View my step-by-step video             This is a pretty incredible concept … we take all the trouble to make a crispy vada and then we soak it in water and douse it with Yogurt! While it sounds strange, the results are stunning. Vadas are a crispy lentil dumpling deep fried … Continue reading Dahi Vadas – Dahi Wadas

Meal Prep – 3 Make Ahead Breakfasts

View my step-by-step video   Print Yum Meal Prep – 3 Make Ahead Breakfasts IngredientsMason Jar Omelettes (makes 2 jars) 4 eggs Salt Pepper 1 tbsp sliced red Chilli and chopped Coriander 2 tbps diced chicken wieners 1 tbsp of Spring onion Egg & Salmon Salad stuffed croissants (makes filling for 8 Croissants) 4 hard … Continue reading Meal Prep – 3 Make Ahead Breakfasts

Crab Xec Xec – Goan Crab Curry

View my step-by-step recipe             This beloved Goan to the core recipe has a strange name but BIG on flavor. Crab Xec Xec or Shek Shek as it’s called is made by roasting Spices, Coconut, Onions, Ginger & Garlic together and simmering crab in it. The contrast between the roasted … Continue reading Crab Xec Xec – Goan Crab Curry

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

View my step-by-step video                     We’re going vintage with the ever popular Pineapple Upside down cake. Around the 1920’s ovens were just getting introduced and prior to this, most homemakers make their cakes in a skillet. In 1925 the Hawaiian Pineapple company ran a contest and … Continue reading Pineapple Upside Down Cake