Halloween is upon us and if you’re hosting your own spooktacular party, here is the perfect simple bevvie for you – Lychee LemonEYEd. This recipe is super simple, you can serve it to the kids or spike it up for the adults. I’m going to use canned Lychees in this recipe to take the Lemonade to an exotic level. Reserved the firm ones for the garnish, pop a black grape in the centre and keep it aside. Throw the rest of the Lychees into the food processor with some of the juice and puree it.
This Lemonade is flavoured with this Lychee puree and garnished with the eye as well as some bloomed Sweet Basil or Chia seeds. This is such a simple recipe but will compliment your other spooky snacks so beautifully!
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Lychee LemonEYEd


  • 1 can Lychees
  • Black grapes
  • Lemonade
  • 2 – 3 bloomed Sweet Basil or Chia seeds


  1. Insert the grapes in the cavity of the Lychees to look like eyes
  2. Puree some of the Lychees
  3. Add 2 tbsp Lychee Puree to the glass
  4. Top with Lemonade
  5. Top with bloomed Sweet Basil or Chia seeds
  6. Insert the Lychee Eye and serve


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