I’ve been meal planning for years without formally documenting anything. I’m just naturally wired to constantly want to do things more efficiently. One of my favorite things to do is party plan and to do that you have to constantly look at time saving strategies and process efficiencies. When I saw that all my fellow YouTubers  making Meal Planning videos I decided to jump on that bandwagon, and I’m so glad I did, as the feedback has been incredible. Here are some great ideas!

Base Gravy

With the bountiful harvest of the summer, I converted it into a flavorful base gravy using garlic and green chilies, onion, whole spices, powdered spices, plump juicy tomatoes and salt. This is then pureed and bottled and bagged for use in many other recipes that I will make through the Fall and Winter. The possibilities are and combinations are endless. Click here

Batch Meatballs

This is a great technique – make meatballs once, and enjoy them forever… well maybe not forever. This recipe is very generic. The meatball making technique here is incredible as you can pump these out very quickly. Once cooked they are frozen and ready on hand to make any dish in a hurry.

Office lunches

If I don’t have my lunch prepped and ready to go, chances are I’m going to buy expensive and calorie rich foods at lunch time. Follow these ideas to prepare stunning lunches for yourselves

Global Dinners

It isn’t hard to go International. In this video, I give 5 Chicken breasts a different look, feel and taste from around the globe

Soups On!

With Fall here(brrr), quickly prepare and bottle 3 delicious soups using stock, shredded Chicken and other ingredients. These are portable, heat and enjoy!

Coming soon!

Back to School lunches

Kids eat with their eyes and the challenge is to get interesting meals into their lunchboxes for the week. Using ground chicken, I’m create three unique lunchbox ideas using a mix and match technique.

Back to School

Back to School is a different issue from Back home and what’s there to eat??? Make easy and simple after school snacks for your hungry monsters!

Fall Meal Prep

Two whole Chickens get roasted together with some potatoes and veg and while they roast, I prepare a tasty Broccoli and Cauliflower aka Broccoflower rice with the left over veg. This is another great mix and match video!

University Freezer Meals

My son is starting his third year and is not going to have much time to cook or eat properly. Using different techniques, I prepack meals for my son before I freeze them. All he has to do is heat and eat!