I’m going to round up 5 great potluck appetizer ideas perfect for when you get invited to a potluck at work or with friends.

Green Chutney Chicken Lollipops – Wings are formed into a lollipop shape and then marinated in a green paste before frying till crispy in a pakora batter. The wings do take some time to prep but it has a wow factor like none other.

Meatball Hummus – Next why have just meatballs and hummus when you can have them together? This makes a great colorful party platter and is easy to prepare for larger crowds

Korean Meatballs Next on my list are these cute little Korean Meatballs. I cooked these meatballs in the air fryer and then tossed them in a sticky gochugang sauce.

Chicken FryA perfect addition is the old Chicken Fry – these double fried classic recipe hails from Mumbai or Bombay and is a popular bar snack. You can make these with Chicken wings or boneless strips of chicken as well.

Shrimp Pakoras And last but not least, Shrimp Pakoras can be pretty expensive to buy, but relatively inexpensive to make at home. Use this easy recipe to whip up a batch.

I hope you enjoyed these stunning recipes to take to your next potluck. Let me know in the comments what your fave is!