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Appetizers Arabic Dips and Sauces

Red Kidney Bean Hummus

View my step-by-step video Who doesn’t love a good creamy hummus. Try this Red Kidney Bean version for a healthier version that’s big on taste. It’s great served with pita crisps and also smeared on a sandwich or wrap. [youtube-subscriber channelname=kravingsblog] Print Yum Red Kidney Bean Hummus Ingredients Juice of lemon 1 cup Tahini 4- …

Dips and Sauces French

Bechamel sauce

View my step-by-step video I love saying ‘Bechamellllllllll’ and I love eating it. I learned how to make this at a course at George Brown Culinary and love to make it to top a Lasagna, Shepherd’s pie or Moussaka. Simple ingredients like flour, butter and milk are combined to make this delicious silky delight. [youtube-subscriber …

Dips and Sauces Indian Vegetarian

Green Chutney

View my step-bystep video This Green Chutney is the perfect blend of Sour, Spice, Sweet and Salt. Coriander and Chilies are ground with spices in some Lemon juice and enhanced with fresh grated Coconut. This is delicious spread on bread on as an accompaniment to many other snacks. Print Yum Green Chutney IngredientsJuice of 1/2 …