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You know the holidays are a crazy time with attending and planning parties, wrapping gifts, decorating and spending a lot more quality time in your kitchen and then you get invited to a potluck. You’re either going to run out and pick up another boring veggie tray or think of something easy and spectacular to impress. I’m going to my channel networks Holiday party. This party is going to be filled with YouTube creators and network staff that have helped and supported me and my channel so I really want to make this special. Instead of reinventing the wheel, or in this case the wreath, I’m going to use my Chicken Shawarma Hummus recipe and turn this into a beautiful and tasty edible wreath.


Since, I’m going to be transporting this to another location, I decided to use a disposable platter. This is really the best choice, you can just leave it behind if you have to leave early, it won’t break enroute and the host can just toss it after. I’ve chosen to use a thick round cake board, it looks festive and it’s easy to make the inner and outer circle indentation with a blunt knife so I can follow the lines of the wreath. I’m going to line the inside circle with half rounds of cucumbers. This is going to form a dam on the inside so the hummus does not leak out. I’m going to line the outside ring with the Chicken Shawarma pieces. This is not really necessary, but I just wanted to create a rough surface so the hummus would have something to hold onto and not slide off enroute.


You can make this vegetarian and just leave the Chicken out. I like to make the hummus a bit thicker that I usually do so it holds together.


The hummus is piped onto the board and decorated with Rosemary sprigs, Parsley, red Olives, green olives, pickled Onions, Pomegranate Jewels and toasted pine nuts. The piece de resistance is an edible bow I cut out of pita bread. It’s sprinkled with fairy dust aka some Sumac, dried Mint and Aleppo chillies and drizzled with my favorite ingredient – Pomegranate Molasses.


When I thought about this idea, I honestly had no idea it was going to turn out so good or it would be appreciated so much. I can’t wait to try this idea with Goat cheese next year!

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Edible HUMMUS HOLIDAY wreath


  • 6 – 10 half Cucumber slices
  • 2 cups approx. prepared Hummus
  • 6 – 8 oz Chicken Shawarma meat prepared and cooked
  • Rosemary sprigs for garnish
  • Parsley sprigs for garnish
  • 1 cup approx. finely chopped Parsley
  • Red & Green Olives
  • Pickled Onions
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Toasted Pine nuts
  • Sprinkling of Sumac, dried Mint and Aleppo chillies
  • Drizzle of Pomegranate Molasses
  • Pita bread bow(see video)
  • Extra pita chips for dipping


  1. Line up the Cucumber slices on the inside circle
  2. Add some Chicken pieces to the outside circle
  3. Using a piping bag with a large tip, I’m going to pipe my hummus all over the Chicken in a wreath shape. Just smooth it out a little bit with a spoon
  4. Line the outside with rosemary sprigs
  5. Cover with very finely chopped Parsley. It’s best to wash and completely dry your parsley before chopping it up very very fine.
  6. Add some more rosemary & parsley sprigs to one side and top with the piece the resistance - an Arabic pita that I’m going to separate and cut into the shape of a ribbon
  7. Add more Chicken - you want the Chicken to be visible so if you have Vegetarians in the group, it’s visibly clear
  8. Add red Olives, green olives, pickled Onions, Pomegranate Jewels and toasted pine nuts
  9. Sprinkle this with fairy dust aka some Sumac, dried Mint and Aleppo chillies
  10. Drizzle with Pomegranate Molasses.

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