Fall is here people! Are you going to run screaming like a terrified little child when you see the first leaf fall or are you going to grab a warm pot of something and embrace the crisp weather? Here are some amazing recipes to get you warmed up.

Fall comfort foods

This time of year you’re looking for warm and cozy and 100% hearty! I like meals that make great leftovers for work or school lunches.

Fall Meal Prep

Meal planning an prep is all the rage. Using some shortcuts and strategies find new and interesting ways to roast Chickens and create multiple meals out of them including a nice warm soup.

3 soups for the soul

They say Chicken soup is good for the soul and it is. Use these quick recipes to make three different types of Chicken soups with a Veggie alternative for each – Sweet Corn, Thai Rice & Coconut & Chicken Noodle. These are stored in mason jars and ready for whenever you need to heat and eat.

Cheddar Apple Pie

And what Fall is complete without Apple Pie. Last year I was fortunate to get on a bus trip with some amazing bloggers from Food Bloggers of Canada and I got to document the process from apple picking to storing. And why just eat and apple pie when you can have a more sophisticated Cheddar crust Apple Pie.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Turkeys aren’t just for Christmas, in fact I actually prefer them for Thanksgiving. Given that it is all about the harvest festival, it is also the time the pilgrims would hunt and capture wild Turkeys. Over the years I have made several types of Turkey. You can find all of these recipes below.

Chicken Liver Stuffing

I love stuffing, and this recipe is special as I learned how to make it when I took a course at George Brown culinary school. I never like to stuff my bird, instead I prefer to serve my stuffing on the side.