Pakoras – Gluten free Onion & Potato crispy fritters

View my step-by-step video Who doesn’t love Pakoras? This is a popular snack in India at tea time, snack time or anytime. Pakoras are also known as Pakodas, Pakode and Bhajiyas in some parts of India and Bhajis if you’re from England. A typical and traditional Pakora that we’re going to make today is made … Continue reading Pakoras – Gluten free Onion & Potato crispy fritters

Chicken Chettinad

View my step-by- step video The name Chettinad Chicken conjures up a vision of intense flavours of spices and coconut. This recipe for this Chicken dish that hails from Tamil Nadu in India. Chicken is enrobed in a wonderful combination of dried chillies and spices, curry leaves and grated coconut and is shallow fried in … Continue reading Chicken Chettinad

Rechead Masala

View my step-by-step video The name Rechado is derived from”recheio” is a Portuguese word  referring to a stuffing and typically this recipe is made by stuffing a fish with this luscious spice paste. This can also be used to marinate fish steaks and makes a wonderful shrimp or seafood chilly fry. This spice blend is … Continue reading Rechead Masala

Butter Chicken Popcorn

Watch by step-by-step video Butter Chicken needs no introduction and in this recipe all the delicious flavours are captured and harnessed and used to flavour some crunchy popcorn. Perfect snack for any occasion and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. This episode is all about women empowerment and is dedicated to Lily Singh aka IISuperwomanII Lily Singh is well … Continue reading Butter Chicken Popcorn

Prawn with Bhindi & Bimli – Shrimp & Okra Curry with pickles

I’ve been making a lot of Goan cuisine lately, and why not, it’s so delicious. Today I’m going to make a simple Prawn curry with Bhindi and Bimbli. This recipe was shared by the lovely Mafra D’souza Lobo on the Facebook group Traditional Goan foodies. Mafra is an avid cook of Goan food and a … Continue reading Prawn with Bhindi & Bimli – Shrimp & Okra Curry with pickles

Spinach Dhokla

Spring has sprung and I’m celebrating a new beginning with a fresh start on Fusia with Kin Community on What’s Your Flavor! We’re going to be preparing a healthy and protein packed Spinach Dhokla. A Dhokla is savoury steamed cake typically eaten as a snack or a hearty breakfast. It originated in the state of … Continue reading Spinach Dhokla

Biriyani Masala

View my step-by-step video I started making m own spice powder blends after my sister-in-law with Celiac disease got sick when a prepackaged spice was used. Turns out some brands add flour to the mix to increase the weight. When you blend you’re own spices, you’re in complete control of the intense flavors and there … Continue reading Biriyani Masala

Bollypop – A delicious gluten free potato and chicken ball in a crispy chickpea batter with a chutney pop

View my step-by-step video This is one of my recipes that I’m most proud of. Although it’s inspired from a very popular Indian street food the batata wada, I’ve rocked, rolled and twisted it into something with way more appeal and star power. Introducing the Bollypop. This gluten free crispy potato and chicken ball took … Continue reading Bollypop – A delicious gluten free potato and chicken ball in a crispy chickpea batter with a chutney pop

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

View my step-by-step video Not just healthy and gluten free , this delicious roll is also packed with flavor. I was introduced to this treat bu a coworker whose parents used to run a restaurant. I introduced it to my kids and just loved it. The measurements below are not exact, simply because the size … Continue reading Vietnamese Spring Rolls