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Appetizers Halloween

Creepy Cheesy Eyes

This Halloween, I decided to make a stuffed pull apart bread super creepy. The filling is made with cream cheese, Turkey Bacon, hot Sauce, Olives & Parsley. The super airy yeast dough is divided and stuffed with the filling. Normally this makes a great party appetizer, but for Halloween it got a green egg wash …

Appetizers Indian Indian Fusion

Chapli Kebab Tacos

Spices & gram flour are roasted and kept aside to cool. Once the spices are cooled it’s processed into a powder. Salt and pepper and spices are added to ground meat mixture with ginger and garlic paste and all of the gram flour. This is then processed till smooth. Chilli and Onion is added to …

Appetizers Asian Uncategorized

Stuffed Tofu

Firm Tofu is stuffed with a delicious chicken mixture and then cooked on all sides, and then nestled in a fragrant gravy. I love Tofu, the fam is not a fan, so I decided to stuff it and immerse it in a very flavorful sauce before serving it. This is great as a main, but …

Appetizers Asian

Ramen Deviled Eggs

What are Ramen Eggs all about and why is everyone crazy about them? Ramen eggs, also known as Ajitsuke Tamago or seasoned eggs, are soft-boiled eggs that have been marinated in a flavorful sauce. These eggs are a popular topping for ramen dishes, as they add a rich and savory taste to the soup. Ramen …

Appetizers Vietnamese

Bo La Lot

Bo La Lot is a popular Vietnamese street food dish that consists of seasoned and grilled beef wrapped in betel leaves. The name “Bo La Lot” roughly translates to “beef wrapped in betel leaves” in English. The beef used in this dish is usually marinated in a mixture of lemongrass, garlic, sugar, fish sauce, and …

Appetizers Christmas

Dhokla Wreath

A Khaman Dhokla recipe is enhanced with Chutney & spices, and poured in a creme caramel mold. It’s then covered and steamed & once cooled, it’s flipped over. The result is a beautiful round wreath. To decorate, the wreath is drizzled with green chutney sauce and a tadka is poured over before serving. Typically, Khaman …