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Dessert Indian Kid friendly

Mango Kulfi

View my step by step video I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love Mangoes. In India Mango season is celebrated and the abundance of the fruit is everywhere in every form – Mango desserts, custards, lassies and of course Kulfis – India’s answer to the perfect un churned ice-cream. This may have originated in India …

Dessert Kid friendly

Rocky Road Pillows

Watch by step by step video I only just realized that Summer is about to end and I haven’t really had a chance to connect with friends and have them over for some fun in the sun aka my backyard. I love to entertain however find less and less time to do this given I …

Family Meals Kid friendly Mains

Barley Stir fry

View my step by step video I wasn’t intending to post this at all. There I was minding my own business resurrecting an old recipe I used to make for the kids when they were little, when like second nature, I leaned over to picture it. Instagram & Facebook later, the responses for the recipe …