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Ceasar Crab Cocktail Salad

View my step by step video         It’s always 5 ‘o’ clock somewhere. This Easy Weeknight Meal is inspired by the famous Canadian cocktail. Very similar to a Bloody Mary, this contains clam juice, an ingredient that sets it apart. I always say that I feel like I’ve eaten a meal after …


Green Coriander & Chili Chutney

View my step-by-step video There are so many different versions of Green Chutney, while most of them contain Coriander and green Chili, I also make some that contain Coconut. This version is a wonderful accompaniment to grilled meat and kebabs. It’s also great with samosas & idlis.  I like my chutney spicy, but you can …


Shrimp 65

View my step-by-step video   Chicken 65 is so insanely popular that I couldn’t believe I haven’t made it with Shrimp a protein that disappears very fast on my table. If you want the reasoning behind this bizarre name, click here to read this on the Chicken 65 post. The hero in this dish after …


Saag Chicken

View my step-by-step video Known by so many alternate names like Palak Murgh, Palak Chicken, Saag Murgh, Saag Chicken is simply Chicken cooked in a delicious Chicken gravy. This recipe was requested by one of my subscribers Flavio, from Equador,currently living in D.C. He loves Indian food particularly Saag and I am happy to oblige. …